Teurastamo Christmas Market

Christmas is taking over Teurastamo once again with
a record braking count of vendors. Teurastamo Christmas market will take place this weekend from Saturday to Sunday 15.-16.12.


TIME: 10:00 - 17:00

TIME: 11:00 - 16:00

On December 15 – 16 Teurastamo will celebrate Christmas! We bring together traditional Christmas delights and more exotic flavors and mix in a wide range of high quality design and gift products made by artisans and small businesses.

The market spreads throughout Teurastamo, the former slaughterhouse area. With over 70 sellers and sales points Teurastamo will be bustling with people and a merry market atmosphere.
On Saturday people can enjoy the market program on the yard. It features the Most Beautiful Christmas Songs by Teri Mantere, Paul´s Church Christmas play and on dusk a beautiful firedance show. In addition there are side events like “Taste of Europe”, where European Christmas traditions are on display. “Suklaarasia”, an event focusing on Artisan chocolate will be found in Teurastamo´s Flavour Studio.

At the market you will find Christmas delicacies and top gifts

Teurastamo is particularly known as a world of flavours and therefore, in Kellohalli, the market tables are all about baked goods, cheeses and sausages, honey to Christmas drinks and chocolate. In addition, 40 designers and craftspeople are presenting a wide range of design and lifestyle products, both for everyday life and for celebration, scents, jewellery, ornaments and other gift items are on sale. The full list of vendors is available at Teurastamo´s website and in the facebook-event.

The Christmas market consists of several overlapping events. Chocolate lovers are delighted by the Artisanal Chocolate event “Suklaarasia”, which is now held for the seventh time.

At Perho´s Culinary School you can learn about the European Christmas traditions at the “Taste of Europe”. Teurastamo’s own fish store Tukkutorin Kala organizes a small fish market where you can taste special products in the spirit of Christmas.

The area’s restaurants and cafes serve customers throughout the market up to the night! For more information on opening hours, see the Slaughterhouse operators’ own websites.

Welcome to taste, get inspired and shop!

Among tasting and shopping you can relax in the restaurants or listen to beautiful Christmas songs or kids can ride a pony!

The market will be set up in the unique milieu of the old Slaughterhouse courtyard and its many interiors.
The Christmas Market is part of the Teurastamo´s Delicatessen Series, which four times a year brings together food makers and designers to create a more tasty Helsinki!

We invite sellers, exhibitors and partners to sell and present products and brands! Apply for a spot by adding your data in the linked form: http://bit.ly/2O7AV7y.

Add this event to your calendar and welcome to feel the Christmas atmosphere.

10:00 - 16:00

15.12. - 16.12.
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