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Kid’s Sports Day 2019

Welcome to the whole family’s sports event on Saturday 31st of August! Free entry


Following the footsteps of Kid’s Holiday – the whole family’s sports event is making everybody move!

Kid’s sports day
31st of August 11-17
Free admission!

Following the footsteps of the popular Kid’s holiday at Teurastamo, Kid’s Sports Day is making everybody try new things, play some games and explore Teurastamo in a fun way! The event offers fun activities for children like activity  points, live music, exercises for everyone.


Explore Teurastamo’s yard and visit different activity points with a map. Collect stamps on your map by playing, exercising and doing all kinds of stuff. Return the map with stamps on the info and you’ll get a small reward!


Entertaining on stage there’s going to be music to kid’s taste and also exercises for the whole family! Program will be updated closer to the event.


Teurastamo’s versatile restaurant are open on Kid’s Sports Day offering food for every taste. On the yard there will be some food vendors that offer different kinds of street food and delicacies. As always you can also come to the yard to have your own barbeque or picnic.


More information will be updated closer to the event. Click attend on the event on Facebook so you’ll stay updated!

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Welcome to all families and kids to try new activities and sports and enjoy Teurastamo’s yard!

Työpajankatu 2, 00580 Helsinki

11:00 - 17:00