Pasta Factory Helsinki

Pasta Factory Helsinki steals your heart and lingers your taste buds.

Open at events

Työpajankatu 2
00580 Helsinki


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Heart in Italy, home in Helsinki.

This is the formula for Vaelsa’s fresh pastas, made at the Teurastamo based on traditional, Italian recipes. The pastas are hand-made by Vaelsa’s chefs using only the freshest ingredients, without any additives. If you wish to get a closer look at the Pasta Factory, you can do so at events and as part of The Best of the Teurastamo tour.

The factory’s fresh pastas are served in Ristorante & Taverna Vaelsa’s pasta dishes, but you can also enjoy the authentic Italian taste at home, as Vaelsa’s fresh pastas are available for purchase at a number of grocery shops focusing on quality, as well as Vaelsa’s own shop in the Tori Quarters and at the Teurastamo’s events.

Mangia bene, vivi meglio! Eat well, live better – that’s our motto!