About Teurastamo


Teurastamo is an area teeming with new urban and culinary culture, located next to Helsinki’s Kalasatama and centred around a former abattoir originally built in 1933, which was opened to the public in 2012.


The new age of the abattoir began when the area was re-opened as Teurastamo (eng. abattoir) to residents, tourists and businesses in September 2012. Currently there are a dozen active businesses operating in the Teurastamo area, ranging from restaurants to urban events, from business college to coffee roastery and from distillery to pasta factory. Together, these businesses form Teurastamo, but the area also serves as the shared living room and backyard of the residents of Helsinki, open all year round and featuring a yard with a grill and a rental sauna. The Teurastamo’s yard also serves as a venue for all kinds of free of charge events.


Teurastamo’s yard is a versatile space. The spacious yard features a red brick grill, which visitors are free to use all year round. If you’re looking for something to grill or otherwise enjoy on a picnic, the many shops in the area are sure to have something that strikes your fancy. In the summer, you can also relax in the hammocks by the lawn, or enjoy the sun in one of the comfortable sun loungers. The area also features a sauna available for rent, originally used by the abattoir’s workers. The charming cellar sauna seats approximately 10–15 bathers.


If you’re more of a hands-on type, you can also organize your own events in the yard. So far the yard has been used for farmers’ markets, urban gardening, ice-skating, busking, food trucks, fire-breathing, pony rides, fashion shows and fortune telling. Everything goes!


Freshness is a given at Teurastamo’s restaurants, as the backyard of the Teurastamo is home to the City of Helsinki Wholesale Food Market, where butchery establishments, bakeries, wholesale flower shops and importers produce the best ingredients for Helsinki’s restaurants.


The City of Helsinki Wholesale Food Market is responsible for renting out the facilities of Teurastamo’s and developing the area. The work will proceed one building at a time in the coming years. All ideas and thoughts are welcome, as we want to develop the Teurastamo in collaboration with residents and neighbouring areas. Please do not hesitate to contact us – only by working together can be build the Teurastamo into a playground of dreams!


It is very important for us to ensure that the yard operates as sustainably as possible. Teurastamo strives to promote the principles of sustainable development through its operations. The objective of sustainable development is to safeguard the health of the environment and people and to preserve them for future generations.

Environmental concerns have been taken into consideration in both the waste management and energy consumption of the Teurastamo. The area’s traffic arrangements have also been developed with the aim of minimising the environmental impact of traffic.


Both the everyday operation of the Teurastamo and the events organised there follow the Greening Events principles. There are dedicated waste containers in the yard for different types of waste. Be sure to sort your waste into the correct containers – and instruct your friends to do the same as well. Clean up after yourself, don’t let water run needlessly and don’t stub out cigarettes on the lawn. Leave your bicycle in the bicycle rack and your car at home.

Teurastamo’s yard is your yard; help us keep it in nice shape! For more information, please see the Ecoguide for visitors and the City of Helsinki’s environmental policy.