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Soliti Slaughterhouse (Pihakeikka)

Soliti takes over Teurastamo\\\’s outdoor stage Friday 18th of August. Free entry, love for all! DJ Nick Triani will entertain your picnic between the bands.

21:20 Delay Trees
20:30 Black Twig
19:40 Cats of Transnistria
18:50 Manalishies
18:00 Verandan

Black Twig
\”Bursts with jangly guitar licks and slacker rhythms; it feels like the 90s got freshened up. “ – The Dadada

Delay Trees
\”Delay Trees aims to take you on a journey, musically speaking, carrying you on the wings of their harmonies into a distant land of pop resilience.\” – Austin Town Hall

Cats of Transnistria
The most notorious dream goths in town.

Paltsa from the amazing Black Lizard has a new group. Let\’s feel the psychedelia!

Ville Hopponen (with yet another \”Soliti All Star\” band) has some sweet new indie tunes!

17:30 - 22:00