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17.3. - 21.3.

Pia Lindy, Heini Nukari & Annika Tudeer: Layers

“Some people practice for marathon, others for solo improvisation”

Layers is an evening with three solos, a dialogue between voice and movement.

How do voice and speech become movement?
How can movement grow into sound,
and how do words define space?
How do shifts in focus from the glaring stimuli toward the things
between us and them effect our choices?

The desire to throw oneself into uncertainty, and the unknown,
develops the feeling of security.

Pia Lindy, Heini Nukari & Annika Tudeer: Layers
17 March, 2020 18:00
19 March, 2020 18:00
21 March, 2020 18:00

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Location : Mad House Helsinki / Teurastamo  View on map

Pia Lindy and Heini Nukari, who are both experienced improvisers, started the Layers solo improvisation project in January 2015. The ongoing project developed into a form of solo improvisation practice.

The long, shared process has allowed for endeavours into different directions and layers, and to dive deeper, to become braver and more enduring. Hence the image of marathon seems fitting.

Pia and Heini have invited the performing artist Annika Tudeer to work with them on solo voice improvisation. The shared working process started in summer 2019 and ends with the series of solo performances.