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Liisa Pentti: Cloudbody – an ecology of dreams #2

Which memories come to life at different stages of our lives? How do we blend into those memories, and how do memories become a part of ourselves, a part that we carry along unconsciously and silently. What kind of bodily transformations will occur when we step into those memories?

Cloudbody – an Ecology of Dreams # 2 is the second part of Liisa Pentti‘s solo work, continuing the process initiated in The Body (2017).

Liisa Pentti: Cloudbody - an ecology of dreams #2 
ENSI-ILTA: 07 May, 2020 18:00
08 May, 2020 18:00
12 May, 2020 18:00
13 May, 2020 18:00
19 May, 2020 18:00
20 May, 2020 18:00

Tickets: 10/12/18€  Buy 
Location: Mad House Helsinki / Teurastamo  View on map 
kesto / duration: 60 min 
kieli / language: Suomi, English, Svenska 

Cloudbody is a dialogue between the poetic body and the viewers. The work is inspired by the album of composer Max Richter, Memoryhouse, and neo-materialism as a philosophical background. The room creates a setting for dance where different layers of memory, impulses, and stories form the ecology of dreams.

Concept: Liisa Pentti
Performance: Liisa Pentti
Sound Design: Jouni Tauriainen
Spatial and Visual Design: Fabian Nyberg
Producer: Inari Pesonen
Production: Liisa Pentti +Co
Picture: Fabian Nyberg

Liisa Pentti +Co is a dance group based in Helsinki, whose core values ​​are artistic uncompromising and self-loathing. Artistic profile of the group, formed in 2000, is situated in the landscape of dance, performing arts and contemporary theater, and its work is characterized by experimentation and the search for new forms of expression.

Facebook: facebook.com/LiisaPenttiCo/
Instagram: @liisapenttico