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Beyond The Rising Sun: Mark vs. Ryosuke Kiyasu + Special Guests

Chaos without casualties!

Japanese & the Filipino people have been at war with each other over a few generations ago when the world is a much darker place. While both of its rulers now take photographs together and turn a blind eye on each other’s crimes against humanity (both past & present). Hellsinki will become a geographic post colonial battleground to the conclusion of the former bloodshed & revolt as two of its descendants battle it out in the most explosive or obscure experimental music event in Finland this 2019.

Ryosuke Kiyasu is a prominent figure in the noise, grindcore & free jazz movement in Japan with bands such as Sete Star Sept (https://goo.gl/UtysKf), FUSHITSUSHA to name a few. The other a student of Bujinkan Ninjutsu, formerly of N4S (a hxc crust band in the Ph https://goo.gl/T7cmZm) & nomadic anarchist which utilize field recordings of the environment into noise/music. Both of these artists have never met or have rehearsed together, so don’t expect the kind of punk music that is generic and safe, the planned performance will be purely raw, unsimulated and spontaneous- it will be chaos. But without any casualties.

Schedule/Line up:
21:00 Satanoid
22:00 Komba Helsinki
23:00 Atrophist
00:00 Mark vs Ryosuke Kiyasu
01:00 Goat Tunnel

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Standard ticket price is €5
Couchsurfers, members of BDSM associations, union workers: €4

Members of:
– CS Meet Up Helsinki
– Díscover Helsinki
– Musicians in Helsinki
ticket price: 3€

members of United By Chaos: FREE

21:00 - 23:30

PROGRAM 21 - 02