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Friday’s Yardclub: Don Johnson Big Band

Friday’s Yardclub is a series of events that focuses on the atmosphere and ambience of the area, concentrating on creating a good vibe and feeling!


Teurastamo’s Yardclub is a series of events that continues the tradition of fridays at Teurastamo. The series combines livemusic, chilling with friends and open ambience that encourages to meet others no matter their backround. Each event has a free entry and there’s no age limit.

The series presents Teurastamo’s amazing hang out spots and develops Kalasatama area’s cultural identity. The cozy and lovely yard gives a great spot for groups of friends and family picnics and for example having a bbq-party at our community grill.

The yard has been renewed to even better and more comfortable. There’s seating areas, garden boxes to bring some greenery, tables for snacking and dinner, but also space for picnics on the grass. Friday nights will also have some fun activities, we will tell you a bit more about them later so stay tuned!

Friday’s Yardclub is like a living room in the yard, where a house party can come to exist or just chill and relax, good vibes only!

Don Johnson Big Band has activated and will come and give a good push to Teurastamo’s Yardclub on the 2nd of August! After six years of silence Don Johnson Big Band (DJBB) released a new album Physical Digital at the end of 2018 and went on tour. As fans know DJBB is a group that makes people move and will definitely bring a good party to Teurastamo.  The group is not limiting itself with music genres or putting itself to any kind of box as hiphop, jazz, dub, funk and electronic influences and even country mix together and the beat is pumping!


Friday’s Yardclubs will continue through summer!

14.6. Pimeys
2.8. Don Johnson Big Band

More information about the events will be published on Facebook, stay tuned and follow Teurastamo on social media!
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Instagram: @teurastamo

Työpajankatu 2

17:00 - 21:00