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Teurastamo is an excellent venue for hosting all kinds of events, from birthday parties to festivals. On this page you can submit a proposal for a yard event that you’d like to organise at the Teurastamo or inquire about the restaurant facilities that the area’s businesses have available for business events or personal celebrations, for example. Please note that there are currently no indoor facilities at the Teurastamo to which you could bring your own food and drinks.


Please fill out the event form below thoroughly, indicating what kind of event you are planning and when, why and for whom. Be sure to also indicate in the free-form description how you would like the companies in the Teurastamo area to contribute to your event. Please also indicate whether your event is a public event, a corporate event or a private event. You will receive replies to your query directly from the area’s restaurants. In addition to this, you will also be contacted by Teurastamo event coordinator if necessary, and we’ll also provide you with additional information about organising events. We also rent out marquees and marketplace tables for yard events.



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