Innovation competition

The Wholesale Market and Teurastamo area innovation competition pilots about to begin

The Helsinki Wholesale Market area – Tukkutori and Teurastamo announced in October 2018 an innovation competition aiming at finding new ideas and solutions for developing services and diverse entrepreneurship. From the about 60 entries that were submitted, the best seven were chosen for pilot phase. Additionally, four participants received awards for the best new ideas. The pilot projects are about to be launched and will go on up until the end of May.

The innovation competition, funded by the City of Helsinki and Business Finland, was organised to find new technological and other innovative solutions regarding specifically food and food production, and also packaging, circular economy and cleantech. The most promising potential solutions were each awarded 10,000–40,000 euros to pilot their service and product innovations. The best four ideas were on their part given a prize of 1,000 euros. The competition jury consisted of members representing the City of Helsinki, the University of Helsinki and the business sector.

The Wholesale Market, located at the Kalasatama neighbourhood, is presently home to about 150 enterprises. The area is a hub for wholesale trading where the food industry and the flower and horticulture business stand out.

The central location of the Wholesale Market, its position as a cluster for trading with professional customers, and the array of restaurants in the Teurastamo area nearby offer a good platform for testing new products and new services in the interface between enterprises and customers.

“We used the innovation competition to pursue new solutions. By piloting them, it will be possible to diversify the area’s business ecosystem and to seek for broader commercial and international business potential for enterprises. We are going to test interesting new services over the spring,” asserts Jouni Spets from the City’s Economic Development.

“When nature wakes up and grows spring greens, the chefs and the Helsinkians will be able to order forest food online, e.g. eatable plants that youngsters from 4H have gathered. We will make an effort to deliver goods to customers in the vicinity of the Wholesale Market by using electric bikes and other ecological means.”

The innovation competition was organised as part of the Wholesale Market’s testbed and innovation platform project, financed by Business Finland and the City of Helsinki. The project works to build a platform and ecosystem for new and growing business activities in the Wholesale Market, Teurastamo and Kalasatama area.

The companies behind the proposed solutions and the jury’s assessment

Metsä Board International Ltd

An individualised and ecological takeaway package for restaurants. Taking part in the pilot is the entire packaging value chain, and, along with Metsä Board, small and medium-sized enterprises in this line of business. The case is a demand-driven innovation with potential for scalability. The packaging solution takes into account the need for detailed personalisation of the packages as well.

Forest Foody Ltd

Using platform economy to generate growth for the marketing of wild food with small local producers as the driving force. The solution aims at implementing and piloting a Consumer to Business marketplace and supply chain that combines the gatherers of wild food (4H youngsters) with the corporate customers in the city (i.e. restaurants). The pilot includes a long value chain and professional actors: gatherers, transportation, intermediate storing and restaurants. A concrete and feasible pilot proposal.

Stadin puutarhuri, Odlingsföreningen Freelanceodlarna rf

The objective of the Helsinki Rooftop Greenhouse solution is to construct a greenhouse for professional cultivation on the roof of a building in the Wholesale Market area or in another suitable location in year 2020. The pilot includes planning a new kind of service concept for greenhouses and performing a technical and commercial analysis on the method of implementation. The team possesses the necessary know-how, and the project has also other funds for the implementation phase at its disposal.

Package Testing & Research Ltd

Fibre-based packages for the flower business that are made of renewable materials substituting plastic. The pilot covers the packaging value chain as a whole. The solution makes use of Finnish-developed renewable packaging materials for the storage of green plants. The solution is demand-driven and it has potential for scalability.

Agata Bakery Oy

An innovative production concept for the manufacture of specialty products, e.g. gluten-free products.  The case is a new innovation, whose technical and commercial feasibility has some open questions. The pilot is meant to advance the take-off of the solution by boosting the planning and testing of the technical and commercial concept.

Koepala Packaging Ltd

Koepala Aterimo™ is an enterprise in the field of packaging innovations. It is specialised in takeaway and fast food packages. At issue is an innovative food packaging solution that has potential for business and scalability.

The pilot will focus on studying how customers experience the product and how suitable it is for new customer segments.


The 24/7 Makupiste-Liiteri, i.e. the expansion of the container at Teurastamo to turn it into a foodstuff pick-up point based on a self-service concept. In addition to serving the Macuste company itself, other enterprises in the area of the Wholesale Market and Teurastamo will also be allowed to use the container as their distribution channel as part of the pilot. The unmanned pick-up point serves the needs of several companies and their customers in the area.

Additionally, the following proposals received awards in the ideas series

  • Climate smoothie, Ugly Foods ry
  • Utilisation of the Wholesale Market’s waste heat, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
  • Winter Garden, students’ team
  • Heurastamo, students’ team



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