Insects, dragons and exotic street food spice up the Helsinki Night Market!

Helsinki Night Market takes over the Abattoir for the third time running on 20-21 August. The two-day event has its eyes on Asia through visiting guest chefs, insect cuisine, and a programme leaning on food and art. Helsinki Night Market is a partner festival of the Helsinki Festival, and one of the most popular summer events at the Abattoir.

Insects and exotic street food

As found at Asian night markets, insects will also play a big role at the Helsinki Night Market. Three guest chefs from Shanghai will set up a kitchen serving traditional Chinese street food in the form of insects.

This year insects enjoy a role in the spotlight of the whole event. A sea container houses a cricket farm, a kite workshop builds flying insects, street art plays with bugs, and visitors can have their picture taken – as a cricket.

There are exotic treats galore such as Vietnamese iced coffee served by the Helsingin Kahvipaahtimo coffee roastery, banana pancakes, and a Night Market special by the ice cream bar Jädelino.

Dragons, lions and yurt theatre

Asia is strongly present also in the arts programme of the Night Market. As dusk falls, the Abattoir yard is lit up by a glowing dragon while Chinese lions dance on the rooftop, accompanied by a band. A yurt hosts a puppet theatre for the youngest visitors, who will also enjoy magicians and the insect-themed kite workshop.

Street art exhibition and folk music on wheels

Helsinki Night Market’s artistic offering includes the exhibition Grafu Goes Teurastamo, showcasing the work of top Finnish graffiti artists Hende Nieminen, Fabu Pires, Jouni “Psyke” Väänänen and Hans-Peter Schütt. On the Night of the Arts (20 August) folk musician Emilia Lajunen hops on her bike to give concerts all over the city. On Friday 21 August, the Abattoir yard enjoys a splash of street music courtesy of Hermanni Turkki.

Helsinki Night Market is a partner festival of the Helsinki Festival, and a part of the Art Goes Kapakka events. The event is free of charge and is open for all citizens and visitors, regardless of age.

Helsinki Night Market at the Abattoir 20-21 August 4-11pm