USING THE ABATTOIR'S IMAGES - Journalistic content 

You can download images from the Abattoir's Flickr profile ( and use them freely as part of journalistic content. Please note that the photographer's name and the Abattoir must always be mentioned whenever using images. The name of the photographer can be found in the Flickr description and in the meta information. Details for old black and white images are not available. For those the mention of 'the Abattoir' is sufficient. The images are not to be cropped or resized in a way that changes the original composition.

If you run images in magazines or in other print publications, send two copies to the following address:

Helsingin Tukkutori/Teurastamo

PL 1000,

00099 Helsingin kaupunki


USING THE ABATTOIR'S IMAGES - Commercial content 

If using images for commercial purposes, always get in touch with the Abattoir. 

If you are uncertain whether the purpose is journalistic or commercial, or if you need other help or information, get in touch with the Abattoir's press officer: johanna.ronnlof (at)



The City of Helsinki Wholesale Market is responsible for leasing space at the Abattoir and developing the area. The Wholesale Market is a department of the City of Helsinki that also leases business premises and land to wholesalers, as well as to stall keepers at the market halls and open-air markets. Read more on the Wholesale Market (in Finnish) and developing the Abattoir (in Finnish). 

The development of the Abattoir is a part of the City of Helsinki Food Culture Strategy headed by project manager Ville Relander. More information on the Food Culture Strategy here.

Further information about the Abattoir and the City of Helsinki’s Food Culture Strategy:

Timo Santala
+358 40 528 3519
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



If you would like to receive news by e-mail, please send the following information by e-mail to johanna.ronnlof(at)

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